Best Quality (Luxury) Different Colours No Lace Frontal Wig with Bangs (150% Density); 100% Pure Virgin Human Hair


Welcome to MarkBrand; Good Hair lives here.

Did I say Good? Scratch that, the BEST HAIR Lives Here!

See, if you are the type of person that appreciates HIGH QUALITY things, then MarkBrand is for YOU.

You will literally Fall in Love.

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“MarkBrand Sells the Best Virgin Hair in China” -Happy Customers


There are levels to everything.  Cars, Phones, Clothes etc all come in different Grades/Quality. It’s the same with Hair. And lets face it, you don’t always have to buy the Best. For instance, you can buy lower quality (cheaper) hairs that are also good; just like our Papo Hair. And it will still serve you & also last to an extent. So, it depends on your pocket; go for what you can afford.


Having said that, as long as you can afford it; always buy MarkBrand Hair. You will be glad you did.




We sell the Best Quality 100% Unprocessed (Pure) Virgin Luxury Human Hair.


All our Hair come from young ladies 30 years and below; shiny, soft, bouncy and split-less from top to end.


Each strand is cleaned with natural shampoo & Conditioner. No dyes and no coatings of any kind on the hair.


All the hair cuticles are intact and aligned; so it does not tangle.


Highest quality donor hair, no damaged hair, no synthetic hair or blend.


Double Machine Weft; tight, neat and no shedding.


And you can bleach/dye the hair to any colour.


Also, because the hairs are from younger ladies, they are very durable/strong; it doesn’t break easily like those sourced from older women. That is why our hairs last longer.


If you follow the hair care instructions we include with your order, you can rock your hair for more than 5 years. Guaranteed.











  • Highest Quality —  First thing of course is the quality. That is the main reason why so many people buy from us. Our hairs are sourced directly from the donors; BEST QUALITY 100% Unprocessed (Pure) Virgin Human Hair. Highest Quality Hair; bouncy, soft and very beautiful. Suitable for all kinds of styling, hair colouring, perming etc.


  • Long lasting — in the long run, the best is the cheapest. Many of our customers are still using hairs they bought from us since 2016! That is the perfect example of getting full value for your money!


  • Self Confidence — When you wear our hair, your beauty will ‘come out’; you will feel more confident. And, you will get a lot of compliments — people literally can’t stop admiring you. Some may even stop you (politely) and ask you where you bought your hair from — because you stand out.


  • Fuller Bundles —  our bundles are fuller; 110g instead of the standard 95 or 100g.  The advantage is that for shorter lengths (10 inch to 16 inch) you can use 2 bundles for full hair — you save the money for one bundle.


  • Lower Shipping  — because we ship packages often, we have developed cheaper and reliable shipping arrangement to most countries. And for most African countries, when you buy up to 10 pieces, shipping is completely FREE — you save more on shipping. 


  • Free Branding —  if you are buying to resell (10 pieces and above), we will help you make your own name tags for FREE! So when packaging your hairs, we use your name tags (instead of MarkBrand). This is very good for branding your business; it’s more professional and it will help you attract more customers.


  • Easy Payment —  because we focus on Africa, we do our business the ‘African way’. We have agents in most African countries; when you order you can pay through our Agent in your country. It makes payment easy; you don’t need to worry about how to send the money to China or Nigeria by yourself.


  • Buyer Protection —  you can shop with confidence because all our orders are covered with Buyer Protection (Insurance). If for any reason, you don’t receive your order, we will refund you completely.


  • Hair Care Guide  — we include a FREE Hair Care Guide along with every package. If you follow the instructions in the Guide, you can rock your hair for more than 5 years. Guaranteed.


  • Facebook Group  — we have a Group on Facebook where you can get REAL TIME Reviews of our hair from our existing customers. The name of the Group is MarkBrand Group. You can go on Facebook, search for; MarkBrand Group and join. You are in Good Company.












  • If you sell cheap/fake hair, sometimes after selling, your customers will call you to complain (maybe even insult you) and ask you to refund them —  you waste your time and energy. And you may even loose your money in the process.


  • On the other hand, if you sell MarkBrand Hair (Best Quality) you will enjoy your business, make MORE PROFIT and also have Peace of Mind. 


  • Plus, you will get many referrals from your happy customers. That way, your business can continue to grow over time.


  • Nothing beats PEACE OF MIND.


  • Note; if you are buying to resell, you can let us know so we provide you with pictures you can use for your promotions/marketing.







  • There is a big time difference between China & Africa.


  • Sometimes, when we are still awake in Africa, China is already snoring.


  • This had caused serious delays in our Customer Service in the past.


  • Now, all our Sales Reps/Customer Service are from Africa. 


  • So, our Service is much faster now; no time difference.


  • And the language barrier is also reduced, leading to better communication.



Side Note; the owner of MarkBrand is from Nigeria, that is why most of our business is focused on Africa. However, we also ship to others regions; we ship to all countries. And all packages ships from China.













  • BEST QUALITY 100% Unprocessed (Pure) Virgin Human Hair


  • Virgin Luxury Human Hair


  • Raw material from younger ladies (30 years and below)


  • Shiny, Soft & Bouncy hair with consistent texture


  • Cuticle aligned hair; tangle free.


  • Durable and long lasting; 5 years Guarantee


  • Split-less from top to end


  • Double Machine Weft; Tight, Neat & no Shedding


  • Can be bleached/dyed to any colour


  • Suitable for all types of styling & braiding


  • Tested & Trusted.












  • To order select your options near the top of the page  (length, quantity etc) and ADD TO YOUR CART.


  • If you need more items, go again to the SHOP page and select them the same way.


  • After selecting all, click on the CART icon at the top of the website to VIEW your selection.


  • If okay, then PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, fill your address details, choose your preferred Payment Method and Place Your Order.


  • Offline Payment; these days, we primarily use Offline Payment Methods like Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer etc in order to avoid the risk of Credit Card Fraud on our website.







  • We ship to all countries.


  • Delivery Time depends on what you ordered and your location (country)


  • If you order bundles & closure, delivery is faster


  • If you order wigs, it takes a little longer because our wigs are custom-made when you order.


  • Overall, you can expect to get your order within 2 to 3 weeks from when you paid.


  • Online tracking is available for most countries, so you can track your order in real time.












  • We check each hairpiece thoroughly before shipping.


  • We know you will LOVE your hair when you receive it. 100%!


  • However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it within 60 days, and we refund you completely.







  • We will give you the BEST HAIR! Guaranteed!


  • After you receive your Beautiful Hair, please remember to take good care of it.


  • And, if you can, please recommend us to your friends.


  • We really appreciate your support.


  • Thank you and God Bless you!




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